Expelliarmus Pathogens in 5-7 Days
[How To]

Chloe Hodder

Founder, Green Body Mojo

Werewolves and pathogens have a common weakness: Silver. So if you’re banishing pathogens, I hope you find
the following ‘lore’ interesting.

Silver has been prized for thousands of years for its medical, preservative and restorative powers. 

Remember the saying, “being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth”? Beyond their charm and monetary value, silver utensils ‘self-sanitise’ due to oligodynamic effect¹.

Silver has a fascinating history, cropping up as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral throughout the ages²

  • The Greeks kept their water fresh in silver vessels. 
  • During the Middle Ages, the wealthy hid behind their silverware to help protect themselves from the full force
    of the plague. 
  • Chinese emperors ate with silver chopsticks. 
  • Pioneers of the American West dropped silver coins in their flasks to keep their water safe from bacteria. 
  • Before pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver was a known bactericide for 1200 years. 

Silver also holds mythical lore and symbolism. 

…Under the old alchemical table of elements, the symbol for silver was a crescent moon. 

…In astrology, silver is dominated by luna (moon). 

But more intriguingly is that silver particles possess zeta potential, causing the particles to act as if negatively charged. 

Hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour and migraines are linked to the hormonal reactions that occur during an increase in positive ions in the air. 

…And positive ions are rampant during a full moon. 

With the term “lunatic” being derivative of “luna”, suggesting that crazies come out in full force on a full moon, you can see where folk came from when they linked moon-metals with the downfall of moon-emerging monsters!

Silver Vs. Colloidal Silver

Before you raid the antique shops for silver, let’s look a the key distinction of colloidal silver. 

Colloidal silver is not simply silver particles mixed in water. 

Colloidal silver is an antimicrobial mineral solution made up of silver ions and charged silver particles suspended in distilled water. The silver works to disrupt the bacteria cells ability to form a chemical bond critical to its survival.

It is important that the solution is indeed a colloidial (suspended) and not a cheap particle mix. True colloids can be taken at a therapetic level and do not cause argyria – a rare condition that leads to the skin turning grey and has subsequently given colloidal silver mislead bad press.


Rather than in a chemical compound, the Silver, in the colloidal state, may be applied in a much more concentrated form, with correspondingly better results.

“Use of Colloids in Health and Disease,” quoted in “Report: Colloidal Silver.”, Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, no. 4

The Wonders of Colloidal Silver
– Is It All True?

Research colloidal silver and it won’t take you long to find a multitude of articles presenting the following quote, “Silver kills over 650 different disease-causing pathogens, as well as cancer.” 

While the infection-fighting properties of silver are clear, and there are nearly a hundred clinical studies and independent research reports to boot³, colloidal silver hasn’t actually been trialled against 650 pathogens. 

The figure is likely taken from a 1973 study on silver sulfadiazine, published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 

Researchers stated in their synopsis: 

657 different types of bacteria from 22 different bacterial species were exposed to silver sulfadizine. All strains were inhibited by levels which can easily be obtained topically. Strains resistant to sulfadiazine or multiple antibiotics were sensitive to silver sulfadiazine.


Carr, Howard S., Wlodkowski, Theodore J., and Rosenkranz, Herbert S. 1973. Silver
sulfadiazine: in vitro antibacterial activity.  
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 4(5), 585- 587.

Silver sulfadiazine is an ointment that contains antimicrobial silver, used by hospitals for decades to help save burn victims from infection.

So you can see where somewhat of a leap is made – silver being the common denominator. 

With that said, please do have a look through all the vast literature available on colloidal silver. It’s most certainly not a ‘new craze’.

Using Colloidal Silver: 

According to the book “The Uses of Colloidal Silver in Health and Disease” by Alfred B. Searle, colloidal silver works best when in direct contact with pathogens for at least 6 minutes. This makes it very handy for topical use; skin infections and various women’s issues such as candida.

For ideas on topical use, you can see my post, “21 Ways To Use Colloidal Silver”.  

To combat the viral residue that was the kingpin in my chronic fatigue, I was instructed to swish the colloidal silver around my mouth for at least 30 seconds before ingesting. This greatly helps the ionic silver uptake into the blood stream. 


Protocol I follow*

(Adult Use) 

Daily Supplement:    1 tsp            5ml                     50ug 
Therapeutic Intake:   
1-2 Tbsp     15-30ml              150-300ug 
Chronic use:              2 Tbsp+       30ml x 3 daily     900ug

*None of the information presented on this website is to be construed as medical advice of any kind.
The information presented here is as personal research and opinion. Due diligence is your responsibility.


Guidance I was given: 


As a new user, I was told to start with 5-10ml in the first 24hrs. This was just to ensure I wasn’t intolerant to the silver. Then, I could increase to 30ml daily for 5-7 days to boost silver levels before decreasing as required. 


Colloidal silver is not a cure.

Silver is involved in the destruction of pathogens. Your body, namely liver, kidneys, skin, bowels and lungs, then has to process these toxins.

As you can imagine, detoxing isn’t always the rosiest of experiences.

The Herxheimer Reaction, often referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ or ‘die-off syndrome’, can occur and is where you temporarily feel worse before you get better.

It’s like having a spring clean; your house will be a complete mess while you’re sorting through the contents of your wardrobe, draws and attic. But once you’ve removed all that excess ‘stuff’ from your home, there’s space for everything to run more efficiently. 

Symptoms can include: 

  • Headache 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • Skin complaints (itching, rashes)
  • Flushes

This can last for a few days to a week or more for more chronic cases. 

It’s important to note that the Herxheimer Reaction is not a toxic response to the silver, but a response to toxins being rapidly eliminated from the body.

Since you can only detox as fast as your detoxing organs will allow, it’s wise to take a gradual approach. Especially as the body can often be either sluggish or overtaxed in our modern world of processed foods and stress abound. This gradual approach can help stave off noticeable detox symptoms.

For those using colloidal silver experimentally in an attempt to treat very severe and chronic conditions, the opperative idea is to reach a level of saturation, then maintain an intake JUST below this saturation point.

Occasionally, it is a good idea to adjust tolerance by increasing the dosage level again until this saturation level is reached. 



Again, this is mentioned for those who are involved in the experimental use of colloidal silver.

Those with severe and/or chronic conditions or who have weakened immunity should, of course, seek guidance and be monitored by their doctor.

Detox tips:

  • Get support: integrated doctors are a happy medium, combining medical knowledge with a holistic overview.
  • Medical herbalists are also wonderful. Blends of herbal teas and tinctures can help support your body during this time. 
  • As always, it’s important to keep hydrated to aid the body in eliminating toxins.
  • It can be a good plan to take any excess load of the body; so (if applicable) no hardcore workouts, alcohol, highly processed foods and dairy (which can be phlegm-forming).
  • Focus on rest and relaxation as much as possible.

When using colloidal silver for Chronic Fatigue, my intense period of detoxing lasted seven days. Then, it was about another week until I felt free of the detox symptoms. You can read more about my experience in the post, Colloidal Silver Vs. Chronic Fatigue.

If you have any experiences with Colloidal Silver, 
please share in the comments below!



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