Colloidal Silver Vs. Chronic Fatigue (Case Study)

Chloe Hodder

Founder, Green Body Mojo

Colloidal silver is a mineral solution with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, traditionally used as the ‘first line of defence’ against pathogens.

I was introduced to colloidal silver when investigating the root cause of my chronic fatigue.

As a child, I was treated with a strong course of antibiotics by my GP to eradicate a virus. Yet, the virus lingered on, quietly gathering strength over the years – much like Voldemort. They told me it was Post Viral (Chronic) Fatigue and please shut the door on your way out.

Since the viral infection was still present and the antibiotics had further lowered my body’s natural defences, this double whammy eventually led to a reduction in my thyroid function. In turn, this then set off a chain reaction of other symptoms, such as food intolerances and fatigue.

The culmination of which meant that my body was in a constant uphill struggle to function optimally.

As the years went on, the strain became greater and the symptoms worsened.

At times, I barely had the energy to move, could not stay awake after eating certain foods (wheat and dairy) and had constant joint pain and muscle aches, regular dizziness, blackouts and blurred vision.

I made it my mission to heal from chronic fatigue and so I went hunting Horcruxes, Harry Potter style.

This included consulting with and learning from some incredible holistic health practitioners whose depth of knowledge is vastly underrated and underutilised and doing my own investigation, research and experiments.

I needed clues to what was happening in my body, so I consulted with an applied kinesiologist at the Belvedere Centre. He confirmed that my body was struggling with a virus and suggested a course of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver Vs. Chronic Fatigue (Case Study) 

What the Phlegm?


I left with a small bottle (they hold a limited amount of concoctions from which they make no additional profit), and being rather gung-ho, proceeded to exceed the recommended daily intake.

This resulted in what I can only imagine was the Herxheimer Reaction, otherwise known as a ‘healing crisis’; where you get worse before you get better.

My throat was if it had been rubbed with sandpaper and then doused with Scotch Bonnet chilli oil and, well, less said about phlegm the better.

But don’t let that put you off… 

The Herxheimer Reaction is not a toxic response to the silver, but a response to toxins being rapidly eliminated from the body¹

NOTE: Your body can only detox as fast as your detox organs can process toxins, so I wasn’t doing myself any favours by going overboard. If I was very weak or had a severe condition, I would not have taken this ‘all-in’ approach. 

Even with chronic fatigue, I never had as much as a cold in years. My immune system held ground as much as it could, thanks to copious amounts of antioxidants. So I knew that this reaction was not just a simple case of catching a bug, nor was it intolerance.


My Results: Before/After


Within a week, I reached the last drop in my bottle of colloidal silver. It took another week and a half of my system working overtime to finish processing the viral residue ‘die-off’.

  • My muscle aches and joint pain disappeared almost instantly.
  • I began to get my energy back and I no longer felt as if lead weights were attached to the end of my limbs.
  • I felt a new sensation of ‘nothingness’, which seemed weird at the time, but I now realise was just being free from aches, pains and fatigue.
  • Moving forward, my hair, once so thin and weak, grew thicker and stronger.
  • My skin balanced and became reliably clear.
  • The persistent brain fog dissipated.  
  • I no longer feel dizzy or weak or have blurred vision.
  • I can eat wheat without feeling fatigued, dairy without falling asleep. While neither of these are a staple of my diet, it’s not the end of my day if I consume them occasionally when eating out or travelling abroad.
  • Retesting for wheat intolerance, I had built my health back up to where I no longer am intolerant (intolerance is very different to having an allergy). 

‘Holistifying’ my life, now not only do I have energy for getting by day-to-day, but energy to go out and climb, and I even fulfilled a lifelong ambition of trekking in the Himalayas. You may not want to climb mountains, but you deserve the energy at your disposal.

Colloidal Silver Vs. Chronic Fatigue (Case Study)


There were other factors involved in resolving all of my symptoms and healing chronic fatigue overall; as I’m laying out in Green Body Mojo (nutrition, relaxation, herbal remedies…).

However, colloidal silver was a major turning point for me to wipe the slate clean and get the chance to take a step forward instead of being doggedly sabotaged my attempts to heal and feel better. 

Prolifically curious, I have of course investigated colloidal silver further – check out the articles below for more information.

If you have any experiences with colloidal silver, please share in the comments below!

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