“The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of
[can you guess?]”

 Dr. Linus Pauling (2 time Nobel Laureate)

Discover the 75 million year old 
piece of the nutritional puzzle
 that could help you to get your mojo back. 

We have everything we need to thrive.
…If we could just get back to basics; by fuelling ourselves on the nutrition that nature intended for us.

However, there is a natural substance that is base line essential,
 and yet most people don’t realise that it is no longer a substantial part of our daily diet.
 Yet, without the presence of this natural substance in our bodies, vitamins are rendered virtually useless.

So if like me, you invest in your health by eating organic wholefoods,
and even taking supplements and superfoods, then you need to know this.

Otherwise you are not getting the maximum benefit or bang for your buck, and that is just frustrating. 

Imagine though, how you would feel if you had the foundation in place,
 and so could fully utilise each and every investment you make towards your health.

Read on (5 min reading time) to get the full lowdown. 

I want to share with you the 75 million year old
missing puzzle 
piece that could help you:

green-tick-16x13 Wake up fresh and alert.

green-tick-16x13 Increase the amount of energy you have available.    

green-tick-16x13 Boost stamina

green-tick-16x13 Prevent lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue.

green-tick-16x13 Fortify your overall health.

green-tick-16x13 Strengthen your immune system.

green-tick-16x13 Develop stronger, healthier nails, clearer eyes, softer, shinier hair and better skin.

green-tick-16x13 Sharpen focus

green-tick-16x13 Train harder, for longer, and recover faster.

green-tick-16x13 Smash your PB’s and achieve your goals much more rapidly.

How I Healed Chronic Fatigue

Five years ago my GP prescribed me thyroxin
  – which is often a life long prescription, as it suppresses the function of the thyroid gland. 

Yet this was their final attempt at a solution for me, having struggled under the umbrella of chronic fatigue and it’s myriad of symptoms for many years. These included:

  • Dehabilitating fatigue where, at best, everything was a constant, weighted effort, as if lead weights were attached to my limbs, and at worst, I just didn’t have the energy to move.
  • Sleepiness that would wash over me rapidly like a drug and I’d be slumped over, unable to stay awake, no matter where I was or whether it was two o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Severe endocrine problems that worked themselves up to indescribable amounts of pain.
  • Daily muscle aches
  • Daily joint pain
  • Regular dizziness, blurred vision and black outs
  • Hair so thin and weak that my hairdresser said it would be better to shave it all off and start again! (I didn’t take her up on that!)
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Periods of being in a depression-like zombie state
  • Shaking hands

The GP’s I consulted outsourced me to many of the different medical departments; cardiology, neurology, diagnostic imaging, ENT, endocrinology and physiotherapy.

When it comes to healing though, the body can’t be compartmentalised.

As in nature, as in the body; there is a root, a reason and conditions that determine the current climate.

So I decided not to take the thyroxin, nor any of the drugs prescribed.

I spent the proceeding five years learning from some incredible holistic health practitioners whose depth of knowledge is vastly underrated and under-utilized and doing my own investigation, research and experiments.

This included therapeutic doses of most natural supplements (such as NADH, B12, maca root, spirulina, magnesium, colloidal silver and more), and trying most holistic treatments under the sun, as well as doing a raw food cleanse and eating clean (wheat-free, diary-free, sugar-free).

Testing revealed that my body finally became free of the virus that it had been under strain from for the past ten years
 and my thyroid is now firing on all cylinders.

So I healed chronic fatigue and got rid off each and every one of the symptoms,
 I thought, “Why am I still not bouncing around full of energy?”

I didn’t want to settle for feeling OK.

Yet many of us do. We accept feeling lethargic, foggy and achey as ‘the norm’.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

While everything I did supported my body in healing and rejuvenating,
 there has been only one nutritional missing link that I have felt actually put a spring in my step, and so quickly…

The Nutrient Deficit

We must give ourselves all the raw materials required to maintain good health, renew cells and build a strong body. 

However, these raw, natural materials are becoming ever-increasing difficult to find.

Over the past 50 years, our soils have been vastly depleted due to:

  • Commercial farming
  • Food processing
  • Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic additives
  • Acid rain

Mineral depletion in soil is a global problem:

  • North America: 85% loss
  • South America: 76% loss
  • Asia: 78% loss
  • Africa: 74% loss
  • Europe: 72% loss
  • Australia: 55% loss
The World Health Organisation, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry have all produced reports showing the alarming mineral content decline in our foods since the 1940’s.

What does this mean for us today? 

The human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimal health. Pioneering Nutritional Ophthalmologist Dr. Gary Price-Todd

The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals. Dr. Linus Pauling (2 time Nobel Laureate)

Yet our food is being grown and cultivated in mineral deficient soil – even organic produce.

So if the minerals are not in the soil, they are not in our food, and ultimately and devastatingly, not in our bodies. Due to this, only 8-18 minerals, at most, are available in any kind of quantity in most of the foods we eat today. Meaning that, as cleanly as you eat and as hard as you train, you are likely lacking in the essential minerals necessary for your body to reach its true potential.


Deficient soil = deficient plants = deficient animals = deficient us.

Being Pro-Active Vs. Reactive

So many of the diseases prevalent today are the result of the culminative stressors of modern living:
 highly stressful work, long hours sitting down and in front of a screen, pollution and environmental toxins,
 chemical-containing toiletries and household cleaning products, processed and carcinogenic foods,
 quick to reach prescription and over the counter drugs…

We leave ourselves basically defenceless against degenerative diseases and premature ageing.
 Let alone getting to experience what we’re truly capable of.

Although it can be absolutely possible to regain health, it is a whole lot easier to fortify your health in the first place.

If you had a beautiful new iMac, would you let spam download itself at-will,
 taking up space on your hard drive and embedding harmful viruses on your hard drive?

If you had a classic Mustang, would you fill it with vegetable oil?

If you have a dishwasher, would you chuck the plates in with full-on leftovers and risk it clogging up and breaking,
 so god-forbid, you’d have to go back to washing dishes by hand?

Whether it’s a computer, a car, a dishwasher, it’s typical to get run down, sluggish and have poor performance
– if not cleaned and maintained. The same goes for us.

Before we can truly optimise our bodies with a healthy diet,
additional supplements and specialist training protocols
we need to have the foundation in place.


Otherwise we’re wasting our time and money.
 …And who likes ineffectiveness; it’s just frustrating.

.. .

Fundamental to Life

While there is a lot of talk on vitamins, it is their “and” counterpart – minerals – that are left hanging.

But get this. Even if you consumed all 16 vitamins in your daily diet, they’d be virtually useless without the presence of minerals.

Say whaaaaaat?!

That is worth repeating! Even if you consumed all 16 vitamins in your daily diet, they’d be virtually useless without the presence of minerals.

Most people do not know this. This is why I’m trying to tell everyone I can! Because it’s just plain annoying, if like me, you put time, energy and money into eating clean, organic food, making green smoothies and taking a wide array of supplements and superfoods.

That effort served you well – as well as it could. You’re just not getting the maximum benefit or bang for your buck. However, imagine how you would feel if you were fully utilising those nutrients and superfoods?

Minerals are the essential foundation for good health, and yet are so often the missing piece of puzzle that sadly never gets found.

So at least you know now right!


Minerals are not ‘nice-to-have’, like protein powder, or spirulina, or maca.

Minerals are need-to-have.

Base line essential.

Plant Derived Minerals Vs. Metallic or Chelated Minerals

You may have already heard of or be taking metallic minerals; which come from salts, clay, ancient sea beds and ground up rocks and soil.

While these metallic minerals are cheap to produce and have value in balancing bodily functions, they are not “alive” or enzymatically active.

Plant derived minerals, which have not been destroyed by heat or man-made chemicals, are, from a medical standpoint, enzymatically active living minerals, making them a far superior option.

Not to mention, the difference between the body absorbing a metallic mineral opposed to plant derived one is like the difference between a football and a pinhead. The body cannot fully absorb the ‘football-sized’ metallic mineral. Only up to 10-20% of a metallic mineral can be assimilated (put to use) by the body, rendering them ineffective and costly for the actual end result.

The plant derived mineral, however, possessing exactly the same chemical make up as those found in healthy fruits and vegetables, and being 7000 times smaller than a human blood cell, is easily absorbed by the body.

Even the more expensive chelated minerals, which were developed in the lab to be better absorbed by the body, come nowhere near to the levels obtained from plant derived minerals.

Metallic minerals have a positive electrical charge, whereby plant minerals have a negative charge, or what scientists call a negative zeta potential (which is actually a very good thing). This makes a big difference in the body’s ability to digest these minerals for the utmost benefit. Today’s environment of polluted atmosphere, toxic chemicals, toxic emissions and contaminated water can alter the functions of your body on a day-to-day basis. Plant derived minerals can help regulate these alterations.

It is interesting to note that we see the power of Zeta Potential in every day life. Washing up liquid has Anionic Surfactants (ingredients with a negative Zeta Potential) in it. This helps disperse the dirt on plates. Just think that plant derived minerals have the power to disperse toxins and keep the blood from clogging up.


75 Million Year Old Super-Nutrition

The plant derived minerals I take are 100% natural and come from a time before human interference.
They are sourced from a special surface mine containing nutrient rich prehistoric vegetate
 where deposits are around
70 million years old!

…Back from the days when vegetation, and subsequently dinosaurs, grew to extreme sizes
– because minerals and nutrients were readily available in the rich soil.

Had this vegetate being exposed to extreme heat and pressure, it would have compressed and turned into coal.
 So better in our body than being burned into the atmosphere!

Now you can consume the same natural ‘super-nutrition’
and those all-important 75 plant minerals:

  • 600mg of 75 Pure Plant Based Minerals in each Wafer for 80p per day
  • 30 Wafers per pack
  • 4 different flavours: Orange, Lemon/Lime, Cherry and Natural
  • Formulated around 70 million years ago and extracted from our exclusive mines
  • Wafer tablets sizzle and dissolve quickly in water
  • Essential for vitamins to function
  • Fully bio-available and easily absorbed by the body
  • Does not contain any large molecule metallic minerals
  • No carbs, no fats, no harmful additives
  • An essential addition to existing supplements you may be taking already
  • Has produced thousands of loyal customers and amazing testimonials

I’ve been bodybuilding now for about 8 years and I’ve tried just about everything natural on the market with limited success. All I can say after using the product for 6 months is ‘Mr Universe here I come’, nothing has allowed me to train this hard before and I’m growing like mad, this really is “Bodybuilding made easy”. I don’t get bad lactic acid burn in my shoulders any more either. You guys should market this stuff in bodybuilding magazines they’ll go crazy for it. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Dean Stiles

Bodybuilder, Cali

The world’s first and only, great tasting effervescent Wafer containing 600 milligrams of 75 Pure Plant Derived Minerals.

Save £5 with a monthly autoship for £23.97/month
 (cancel anytime through your own account)

That’s 80p a day for 600mg of 75 prehistoric minerals. 

OR £28.97 for one-off purchases.

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It’s sadly just not possible to get this kind of maximum nutrition in our food anymore.


This prehistoric super-nutrition vegetate can help bridge the gap
 between the current situation and optimal living.

See the difference: 


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I use mine as Action Adventure Fuel

Ideal for: Traveling | Trekking | Expeditions | Overseas deployment

No matter where you go, you’ll have a quick and convenient source
 of super-nutrition at hand to help fuel your adventures.

I have been training for over 25 years and the most important thing is to have nutrition and supplement balance spot on.

The one thing that was out of balance was my mineral intake. Simply Plant Derived Minerals and Simply Life Complete Nutrition has made a big difference especially to my immune system.

These minerals are unlike any other product I’ve taken, they don’t supplement my food intake; they are the foundation of my entire diet!

I’ve been taking them for 5 years now and I notice that without them everything slows down. I learnt since, that when you are deficient of minerals all the other micro and macro nutrients won’t be digested or used nearly as effectively due to reduced enzyme activity. I wish I knew about this stuff 20 years ago and I recommend the product to all my clients, friends and family, young and old.

I’m 41 now, training harder than ever, I never get sick and I feel awesome all the time, I am certain this has something to do with all the minerals I take… 4 day day!

Lee Dawson

World Renowned Fitness Expert, Master Sensei, member of World Kenpo and Martial Arts Renmei Black Belt Hall of Fame, Founder of the Thai Fit program

How To (it’s easy)

I take my mineral wafer in a glass of water first thing: 

1…Because it’s really nice! The wafer ‘sizzles’ when dropped into the water, making it a really refreshing and bubbly drink. .

2. It’s particularly important to hydrate yourself in the morning. You need to flush out the toxins churned up by your body detoxing overnight. .

3. As minerals are foundational to health, it’s a good place to start! Then you can build on the day with your clean diet and supplements.

My agenda


I care about the environment. I care about education. I care about living this one life I have and helping others to do the same.

Partnering with the minerals company, I receive a small commission from the sales I make.

Please note: This does not alter the price you pay. The price would be the same whether I make a commission or not. My aim with this is to “fuel the adventure” and “fund the adventure” hand in hand. Where my money goes:

  • Climbing membership
  • Creative pursuits – such as developing my website and digital content.
  • Investing into and progressing my entrepreneurial career 
  • Attending talks, events, conferences, workshops and purchasing courses and books to further my education (which I try to assimilate, pull out the key elements and share).
  • Being a kit-pest (I collect rucksacks not handbags)
  • Sourcing rustic-y, handmade, lovely things from individuals or ethical companies that support the things I care about (such as Cotopaxi and Patagonia).
  • Exploring the world 
  • Life stuff

I hope this is cool with you, and that you can trust I’m only promoting what nature intended us to consume. 

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me at chloe@greenbodymojo.com.

Scroll down for the FAQ and further reviews 🙂

Who’s behind the company?

The company is British, based in Surrey. I’ve personally met CEO Peter Willoughby. My initial impression was that he’s probably the softest spoken and most humble CEO I’ve come across. He has an amazing story of recovery that I’d recommend listening to if you have the chance to attend an event.

Eric Cole is the Executive Chairman. He’s an ex British Secret Service intelligence officer and served with Royal Air Force, GCHQ and MI5. Quite the resume!

What are the price options?

£28.97 for a one-off purchase OR £23.97 (Save £5) with the monthly autoship (cancel anytime through your own account)

How long will one box last?

There are 30 wafer’s in each pack, contained in two separate tubes. So one order equals one month’s (30 days) supply.

What mineral content does each wafer contain?

Each wafer contains 600mg of 75 plant based minerals.

Can I order more than one box a month?

Yes. You can order as many as you deem fit.

Lee Dawson, World Renowned Fitness Expert, Master Sensei, member of World Kenpo and Martial Arts Renmei Black Belt Hall of Fame takes 4 wafers per day. If you feel run down and depleted, a good option would be to start with two boxes a month, for 3 months. This can help you resupply your body with what it needs before dropping down to one box a month as maintenance.

What flavours are available and do I have to stick with one?

The current flavour options are:

  • Cherry Berry (Most popular)
  • Lemon/Lime (My personal favourite)
  • Orange (Always a safe bet)
  • Natural (You could add it to smoothie!)

Combo packs are available, so you can mix it up and have two different flavours per pack. You can change the flavour of your next box by logging into your account and amending your order. 

Can I cancel the autoship?

Yes. When you order, you’ll create your own customer account, so you can cancel your autoship at anytime yourself. So even if you just want to try it for a month, you can save yourself £5 by ordering through the autoship and cancelling before the end of the month for whatever reason.

When can I expect to feel results?

It takes your blood cells 3 months to renew themselves, so I’d also recommend investing in taking a daily mineral wafer for at least 90 days. Obviously no one can guarantee results for legal reasons, however by giving your body what it needs, it is far more likely to function optimally!  Results from optimising the body could include: 

  • Softer, shinier hair
  • Softer, clearer skin
  • Reduction or elimination of aches and pains
  • Ability to train harder, for longer and recover faster
  • Waking up fresh and alert
  • Increasing the amount of energy you have available 
  • Increasing stamina
  • Preventing lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue
  • Fortifying your overall health.
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Making gains
  • Stronger, healthy nails, clearer eyes, softer, shinier hair and better skin
  • Sharpening focus
  • Smashing your PB’s and achieve your goals much more rapidly

Where do you ship to and what are the delivery times?

UK: All UK orders placed before 11am are normally delivered by the UK Royal Mail system within 3-4 working days, however we ask that you allow 7 to 10 working days for the product to be delivered to your door in case of any delays that may occur within Royal Mail.


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For European orders allow 7 to 15 working days for the product to be delivered to your door in case of any delays that may occur within the European postal system.

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Are there postage fees?

Postage within the UK is free. 
Europe: €2.48
Australia: $6.15
USA: $2.97

Still have a question?

Contact me at chloe@greenbodymojo.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (typically within 48 hours, often sooner).

I have been taking these Plant Derived Minerals for over a year now. I have taken almost every brand of Vitamins and Mineral supplements but never before noticed an effect like I do with this product.

I am able to train harder for longer and recover faster then ever before. No other product or combination of products makes such a noticeable difference so fast like these Plant Derived Minerals do. I would recommend them to anyone of any age with any background! I achieve my goals much faster now.

Rory O’Niell

Body builder and fitness fanatic

My name is Kim Kold and I felt I had to share a few words about these amazing minerals.

A good friend of mine asked if I would try them out and when I did I couldn’t believe the positive difference I felt in my own body. As a professional body builder I can feel and sense everything that happens to my body. I still continue to take my normal supplements but adding these minerals has really improved my muscle recovery and I am able to train harder for longer. I am also pleased to tell you that my girlfriend’s father also took the minerals to see if they would help the bad pains in his joints, especially his hands. He has been overwhelmed by the benefits he is now experiencing and he can now move his fingers and hands without the horrible pain he once had. As I learn more about these minerals I now know that we all must have a full spectrum of plant derived minerals in our diets whether you are an athlete or just the average person in the street. As for me, I will take these minerals for the rest of my life. Thank you! Kim Kold

Professional Body Builder

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