Hello, I’m Chloe Hodder, founder of Green Body Mojo.

I didn’t follow the traditional education path.
Due to Chronic Fatigue, I designed my own apprenticeship from home.

At 21 years old, having resolved all of my symptoms and healed fully,
I created my own ‘Career in a Backpack’.

This gave me the freedom to work remotely, anywhere, anytime, and from just an iPhone.
 …Even out of a teahouse while trekking in the Himalayas 🙂

Through merging the two experiences I created Green Body Mojo, and am now 
helping people like you to get your mojo back so that you can fuel your adventures.

Today I want to share with you the 75 million-year-old missing piece
of the nutritional puzzle that helped me get my mojo back after chronic fatigue. 

How I Healed Chronic Fatigue

Five years ago my GP prescribed me thyroxin – which is often a life long prescription,
as it suppresses the function of the thyroid gland. 

This was their final attempt at a solution for me, having struggled under the umbrella of chronic fatigue and it’s myriad of symptoms for many years. These included:

  • Debilitating fatigue where, at best, everything was a constant, weighted effort, as if lead weights were attached to my limbs, and at worst, I just didn’t have the energy to move.
  • Sleepiness that would wash over me rapidly like a drug and I’d be slumped over, unable to stay awake, no matter where I was or whether it was two o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Multiple food intolerances
  • Severe endocrine problems that worked themselves up to indescribable amounts of pain.
  • Daily muscle aches and joint pain
  • Regular dizziness, blurred vision and black outs
  • Hair so thin and weak that my hairdresser said it would be better to shave it all off and start again!
     (I didn’t take her up on that!)
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Periods of being in a depression-like zombie state
  • Shaking hands

The GP’s I consulted outsourced me to many of the different medical departments;
cardiology, neurology, diagnostic imaging, ENT, endocrinology and physiotherapy.

When it comes to healing though, the body can’t be compartmentalised.

As in nature, as in the body;
there is a root, a reason and conditions
that determine the current climate.

So I decided not to take the thyroxin, nor any of the drugs prescribed.

I spent the proceeding five years learning from some incredible holistic health practitioners whose depth of knowledge is vastly underrated and under-utilised and doing my own investigation, research and experiments.

Realising that symptoms were not the real problem, just red flags, I knew that I could resolve all of my symptoms – if I could get to the bottom of them.

Systematically, I began to work my way back.



This is what I was then presently experiencing as chronic and
adrenal fatigue.



A set of conditions cultivate
the current climate of chronic
and adrenal fatigue.

These could be lifestyle and environmental factors.



What is my body reacting to?

When the first line of defence fails,
a chain reaction can set off a series
of presenting symptoms.

The human body is remarkable in its ability to cope, so it’s reacting to current conditions for a reason.


Root Cause

At the root cause is a catalyst:
weakened state + event

[This could be a singular event, such as a virus, or a combination of factors – stress – that initiated the development of chronic and adrenal fatigue.] 

Why is my body in a weakened state?



We must give ourselves all of the raw materials required to build a strong body, repair and rejuvenate at a cellular level and maintain good health.

Are the foundations in place?

Piecing together the puzzle

Having located the root cause – in my case, I discovered that my body had still not recovered from
a virus I had as a child – n
ow I could begin piecing together the puzzle.

As a child, being treated with a strong course of antibiotics by my GP had lowered my body’s natural defences, and having still not gotten rid of the virus had eventually led to a reduction in my thyroid function, which in turn set off the chain reaction of other symptoms.

The culmination of which meant that my body was in a constant uphill struggle to function optimally. 

As the years went on, the strain became greater and more symptoms presented.

Pinpointing this root cause meant that I could treat it effectively. Testing revealed that my body finally became free of the virus that it had been under strain from for the past ten years and my thyroid could now fire on all cylinders.

I then supported my body in the way I’ve laid out in Green Body Mojo (Reset, Rejuv, Rewild), and my symptoms began to alleviate. Now that everything was able to function more efficiently, this freed up energy previously used up on just maintaining ground.

The Missing Link 

…And yet, as I resolved all of my symptoms and healed chronic fatigue,
I thought, “Why am I still not bouncing around full of energy?”

I didn’t want to settle for feeling OK,
though many of us do.

We accept feeling lethargic, foggy and achy as ‘the norm’.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

While everything I did helped me to get mojo back, 
I was yet to put the foundation in place – a mineralised body.

Minerals are the essential foundation for good health¹
though, as a ‘non-flashy’ natural substance, are often overlooked.

I don’t want minerals to be the missing piece of your puzzle, 
so this is why I want to share what I’ve learned with everyone I can! 

Here’s what I learned…

The Nutrient Deficit


In  1992, the official report of the Rio Earth Summit concluded,
“there is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in 
farm and range soils throughout the world”.

This means that the raw, naturals materials our bodies require
are becoming ever-increasingly difficult to find. 

Mineral depletion in the earth’s soil is due to: 

  • Commercial farming
  • Food processing
  • Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic additives
  • Acid rain



Mineral depletion is a global problem:



North America


South America









The 1992 Earth Summit, The World Health Organisation, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry
have all produced reports showing the alarming mineral content decline in our foods since the 1940’s.

What does this mean for us today?

We must make soil building the basis of food building in order to accomplish human building. - Dr Charles Northen, researcher & MD

Our food is being grown and cultivated in mineral deficient soil
 – even organic produce.

So if the minerals are lacking in the soil, they are lacking in our food,
and ultimately and devastatingly, lacking in our bodies.




Deficient soil = deficient plants = deficient us.


The human body requires 
at least 60 minerals for 
optimal health.

Pioneering Nutritional Ophthalmologist
Dr. Gary Price-Todd

Some of these minerals and their functions include: 


Supports lung function
& fights infection


Promotes relaxation
& restful sleep

Copper & Phosphorus

Supports kidney function


Aids digestion

Phosphorus & Calcium

Promotes tooth
& bone formation

Selenium & Sulfur

Aids detoxification

Calcium & Magnesium

Supports cardiovascular health & heart regulation respectively


Alleviates constipation

…and that’s just a grain of sand in the Sahara!


Why are minerals fundamental?



Vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals, they have no function to perform.

Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.



Dr. Charles Northen, Researcher & MD



With my focus on energy levels, energy metabolism and cellular health was of particular interest… 

An overwhelming body of physiological evidence confirms
the fundamental role of vitamins and minerals
in energy metabolism.

It is also clear that several minerals and trace elements
are essential for energy generation.

The Journal of International Medical Reseach 2007


Your body needs to be mineralised to fulfil your energy potential.


We have over a trillion cells in our body. 

Imagine each cell is like a tiny battery with two terminals.

When those terminals are oxidised through free radical damage
– stress, exercise, processed foods etc – the energy cannot flow properly.

This is like what happens when you don’t have sufficient levels of minerals; the potential is there, however, the terminals are blocked.

Minerals are the ‘spark plugs’ of life; the catalyst that keeps the battery going and holding the charge.

So how can we further mineralise our bodies?

I found a couple options…
(no prizes for guessing which I chose) 

75 Million Year Old


If you’ve never heard of “plant derived minerals”,
I hadn’t either!

After all, if the soil is depleted of minerals,
then surely the plants will be too right? 

Well this is the cool part.

What if you could go back, way back?

…To a time before human interference.

…Back when vegetation, and subsequently dinosaurs,
grew to extreme sizes 
– because minerals and other nutrients were readily available in the rich, life-giving soil.

The crazy thing is, you can.

You can access this precious, prehistoric super-nutrition.

I’m going to show you where to find it 😀

Following the end of the dinosaur era, the earth began to cool and entered into a period of glaciation.

Massive glaciers gently slid down mountain valleys, coming to rest and eventually melting.

As they worked their way down, they pushed all of the top soil and nutrient-rich vegetation forward at their ‘nose’. Not only did these glaciers create huge mounds of nutrient rich vegetate, they also ground up endless tons of rock en-route to the valley basin. 

When the gMineral rich prehistoric vegetatelacier finally melted, the nutrition-rich vegetate was encapsulated by a layer of sandstone (the result of the rock that the glacier had ground up during its journey). 

As seen in this photo, the soft vegetate that has been exposed to wind and rain has gradually been eroded, while the protective sandstone layer remains very much intact.

Had this vegetate being exposed to extreme heat and pressure, it would have compressed and turned into coal. So better in our bodies than being burned into the atmosphere or losing it to erosion!

As much as I’d love to go on an Alan-Grant-style excavation adventure with you,
we can also access the prehistoric vegetate this way…


Sourced for you

75 Plant Derived Minerals

The plant-derived minerals I take contain 75 different minerals and are carefully sourced from a special surface mine, containing nutrient-rich prehistoric vegetate – where deposits are around 75 million years old!


1 Month Supply

30 ‘Wafers’ per pack

Serving size: 600mg

600mg of 75 pure plant derived minerals in each wafer

Pre-historic ‘Super-Nutrition’

Formulated around 75 million years ago and extracted from the company’s surface mine.


Fully Bio-Available

Easy for the body to absorb.

Pleasant Tasting

Wafers ‘sizzle’ and dissolve quickly in water.

Choice of Flavour

Either: Orange, Lemon/Lime, Cherry Berry or Unflavoured, OR a combo pack of two flavours.

Simple pricing.

Single Box

1 x box
30 Sizzling Minerals


One-off purchase(s)

One-off purchase price


One month’s supply
on Autoship every month


Per box/month

(Cancel anytime through your own account)

Powered OR Capsules

Also available in powdered
or capsule form


Per box/month

£28.97 for one-off purchase(s)

Notice: You will be redirected to the product website 🙂

How To (it’s easy)

Just add water

I take my mineral wafer first thing in a 0.5L glass of water. It’s a nice way to start the day! The wafer ‘sizzles’ when dropped into the water, dissolving, and making a really refreshing drink.

Hydrate + Cleanse

It’s particularly important to hydrate yourself in the morning. You need to flush out the toxins churned up by your body detoxing overnight. Having your mineral every morning means that you’re hydrating yourself
at the same time.

Set the foundations

Having your mineral first thing also sets you up for the day – especially if you already invest in eating cleanly and taking supplements, as a mineralised body is the essential foundation
to good health.

Getting Proactive

(Vs. Being Reactive)


So many of the chronic conditions prevalent today are the result of the cumulative
stressors of modern living:

  • Highly stressful work
  • Living in an increasingly artificial environment
  • Long hours sitting down and in front of a screen
  • Pollution and environmental toxins
  • Chemical-containing toiletries and household cleaning products
  • Processed and carcinogenic food and drink
  • Gruelling exercise regimes on too little nutrition 
  • Adrenal overload
  • Lack of ‘me time’ 
  • Prescription and over the counter drugs…

They chip away at our health, leaving us basically defenceless against degenerative diseases and premature ageing. Let alone getting to experience what we’re truly capable of now.

We are used to maintaining our cars, computers and dishwashers from getting run down, sluggish and having poor performance, but how about ourselves?

Although it can be absolutely possible to regain health, it is a whole lot easier to fortify your health
in the first place.


Behind the Scenes

My ‘Mental’ Checklist

When I hear about a ‘new’ product, I always run it through a mental checklist. This is my thought process:

Do I actually need it?

A lot of supplements are ‘nice-to-have’. Minerals are not ‘nice-to-have’, like protein powder, spirulina or maca.

Minerals are ‘need-to-have’ – base line essential.

Does that mean you need to take the exact product that I use or even take a supplement at all, no of course not, it’s completely up to you.

For me, I’m just glad I learned about minerals and have found a product that can help bridge the gap between our current situation and what would be optimal.

Is it natural and free from nasty chemicals?

LCG approved means that professional athletes, military personnel and other professionals who undergo Compulsory Drug Testing can take them, meaning that LCG approved products are some of the cleanest available. As my partner is in the military, this is of course of the highest importance to us! 

If you want to look at the ‘Sizzling Minerals’ label yourself, this can be found on the product website.

The Sizzling version of these plant derived minerals contain the natural preservative citric acid, so if you’re sensitive to this, you could take either the pure mineral powder or capsules (veggie) instead.

Is it in its ‘whole form’ as nature intended? 

Magnesium supplements are popular among those with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. However, taking a vitamin or mineral in isolation can actually unbalance the body’s delicate symbiosis, doing more harm than good – like only training one muscle; it grows but the others diminish.

When you’re body is trying to regain balance and symbiosis, this is particularly crucial.

What I love most about these minerals are that they are wide spectrum (around 75 different minerals) and as nature intended – no one has manufactured them into a multi-mineral, they are in their ‘whole’ form.

Is it fully bio-available?

Many big companies sell supplements, but not all are interested in whether your body can actually make use of what you buy!

Bio-available means that the body can actually absorb and utilise the product. 

During the growth of any plant or vegetable, the roots draw up the metallic minerals from the soil, breaking them down into thousandths or their original size. During this process a Hydrogen atom is added, converting the metallic mineral into a water soluble, hydrophilic mineral. 

The body will absorb virtually 100% of these plant derived, hydrophilic minerals, as compared to a maximum of 20% of the commonly purchased, rock based, metallic minerals. 

What’s the serving size and how long will this last?

Before you buy, it’s important to check the serving size of supplements.

These are typically displayed as ‘mg’ (milligrams) per serving. These amounts can range widely, typically from 100mg-600mg.

Some products may say 30 tablets, with ‘300mg’ prominently displayed on the front of the bottle, but when you look closely at the label on the back, the serving size is two tablets, meaning each tablet is 150mg. Therefore, if you followed the serving suggestion, it would only last two weeks. Something to watch out for.

The plant derived minerals I take contain 600mg per wafer, so you’re getting a potent amount everyday, and each box contains two tubes of 15 wafers each. So that’s 30 in total.

Is it vegetarian?

Many capsules are made from gelatine (collagen obtained from various animal by-products) – not nice.

The sizzling minerals as well as the powder and capsule versions are all veggie 🙂

If I buy this, am I actually going to take it?

Like they say, the best form of exercise is the one you’ll do!

This is one of the things I like most about the sizzling minerals, they’re actually nice to take! I look forward to my mineral drink! I don’t have to swallow a capsule, or choke down some rank concoction (too much spirulina anyone…)

Plus, they’re easy to remember.

Whether you have some water in the morning, or in a bottle throughout the day, just pop one in and you’re good to go. 

Is it easy to be consistent?

Having the autoship set up means that I don’t have to keep remembering to order and then getting around to ordering the product every month.

Plus, it saves me £5 every month off the regular price.

You also want to know that you can cancel easily if you need to. With an autoship, you have your own product account so you can manage your order yourself.

If you purchase the minerals through me, (this doesn’t alter the price in any way), I’ll be here to support you and you can always contact me with any questions.

LGC Approved:

LGC is a world-renowned sports doping control and research laboratory, with over 50 years of expertise in anti-doping in sport.

This plant derived mineral product has been tested for banned substances using the LGC rigorous certification process and passed with flying colours.

This gives athletes, military personal and other professionals who undergo Compulsory Drug Testing the complete assurance and confidence when taking this product.

LGC Certificate (Download)

My Agenda

I care about the environment. I care about education. I care about living this one life I have and helping others to do the same.

I am not an employee of the minerals company. My page here is of my own creation, with my own experiences and personal thoughts. As I take the minerals myself and like them so much, I simply promote them now too. Therefore, I receive a small commission from the sales I make. Please note: This does not alter the price you pay. The price would be the same whether I make a commission or not.

Where my money goes:

  • Growing Green Body Mojo
  • Adventures!
  • Climbing membership
  • Creative pursuits – such as developing my website and producing digital content.
  • Investing into and progressing my entrepreneurial career.
  • Attending talks, events, conferences and purchasing courses and books to further my education (which I try to assimilate, pull out the key elements and share).
  • Being a kit-pest (I collect rucksacks not handbags)
  • Sourcing rustic-y, handmade, lovely things from individuals or ethical companies that support the things I care about (such as Cotopaxi).
  • Wagamama’s or sourcing ingredients to recreate Wagamama dishes.
  • Life stuff

I hope this is cool with you, and that you can trust I’m only promoting what nature intended us to consume. 

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me at chloe@greenbodymojo.com.


Minerals per serving

Serving size (mg)

Servings per box

Who’s behind the company?

The company is British, based in Surrey. I’ve personally met CEO Peter Willoughby, who I found to be extremely humble and softly spoken. He has an incredible story of recovery that I’d recommend listening to if you have the chance to attend an event.

Eric Cole is the Executive Chairman. He’s an ex British Secret Service intelligence officer and served with Royal Air Force, GCHQ and MI5. Quite the resume!


What are the price options?

£28.97 for a one-off purchase OR £23.98 (Save £5) with the monthly autoship (cancel anytime through your own account)


How long will one box last?

There are 30 wafer’s in each pack, contained in two separate tubes. So one order equals one month’s (30 days) supply.

What mineral content does each wafer contain?

Each wafer contains 600mg of 75 plant based minerals.

Can I order more than one box a month?

Yes. You can order as many as you deem fit.

Lee Dawson, World Renowned Fitness Expert, Master Sensei, member of World Kenpo and Martial Arts Renmei Black Belt Hall of Fame takes 4 wafers per day. If you feel run down and depleted, a good option would be to start with two boxes a month, for 3 months. This can help you resupply your body with what it needs before dropping down to one box a month as maintenance.

What flavours are available and do I have to stick with one?

The current flavour options are:

  • Cherry Berry (Most popular)
  • Lemon/Lime (My personal favourite)
  • Orange (Always a safe bet)
  • Natural (You could add it to smoothie!)

Combo packs are available, so you can mix it up and have two different flavours per pack. You can change the flavour of your next box by logging into your account and amending your order. 

Can I cancel the autoship?

Yes. When you order, you’ll create your own customer account, so you can cancel your autoship at anytime yourself. So even if you just want to try it for a month, you can save yourself £5 by ordering through the autoship and cancelling before the end of the month for whatever reason.

When can I expect to feel results?

It takes your blood cells 3 months to renew themselves, so I’d also recommend investing in taking a daily mineral wafer for at least 90 days. Obviously no one can guarantee results for legal reasons, however by giving your body what it needs, it is far more likely to function optimally!  Results from optimising the body could include: 

  • Softer, shinier hair
  • Softer, clearer skin
  • Reduction or elimination of aches and pains
  • Ability to train harder, for longer and recover faster
  • Waking up fresh and alert
  • Increasing the amount of energy you have available 
  • Increasing stamina
  • Preventing lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue
  • Fortifying your overall health.
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Making gains
  • Stronger, healthy nails, clearer eyes, softer, shinier hair and better skin
  • Sharpening focus
  • Smashing your PB’s and achieve your goals much more rapidly
Where do you ship to and what are the delivery times?

UK: All UK orders placed before 11am are normally delivered by the UK Royal Mail system within 3-4 working days, however we ask that you allow 7 to 10 working days for the product to be delivered to your door in case of any delays that may occur within Royal Mail.


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For European orders allow 7 to 15 working days for the product to be delivered to your door in case of any delays that may occur within the European postal system.

Lanzarote: Lanzarote is outside Europe and delivery times can be 10-20 Working Days, also note that the purchaser will be liable for all local import duties should they be charged. VAT is not charged but it may show on the invoice this is a software error which our programmers are working on, the total you see even if it shows VAT is correct. USA: USPS advise to allow up to 5 working days for all states apart from Hawaii and Alaska to which an additional working day should be added. Other countries: If your country isn't listed above, please contact me at chloe@fueltheadventure.com. I will personally see what I can sort out for you.

Are there postage fees?

Postage within the UK is free. 
Europe: €2.48
Australia: $6.15
USA: $2.97

Have another question?

Contact me at chloe@greenbodymojo.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (typically within 48 hours, often sooner).

Good Evening Chloe, so how can I start this… Well I started taking your product about 6 weeks ago and the main benefits I have noticed within this time frame are listed below:

Recovery time: My ability to recover quickly has definitely been noticeable. I feel fresh pretty much all of the time and more energised throughout the day. I’ve walked over 20k around the Brecon Beacons in the last few weeks with 20-30lbs on my back and taking a Tablet before and after. I found that it helped with fatigue while conducting the walking and running on the hills and as well as the recovery process once I’m off the hills.

Strength and speed increases: Before taking the product I was lifting around 70kg on the bench press and maybe getting around 12-15 reps out for 4 sets, I would then change machine as the muscle groups would lose the strength to continue doing anymore on that particular exercise. I have now gone on to doing 90kg for 8-10 reps for around 5-6 sets quite comfortably so obviously this is a massive change is such a short period.

Speed: I’ve never been the best of runners but I do have the willpower to drag myself out on them on dark mornings, and since taking the tablets, it became a lot easier as I felt more comfortable and more energised within 30-45 mins of taking the tablet, and it is becoming part of my everyday routine. Just 2 days ago I ran a mile in 5 minutes 43 seconds and honestly I don’t think I have ever ran a mile that quick before, considering that I weigh around 90kg.

These are just some of the benefits I am noticing within the 6 week period and I’m sure there are plenty more to follow. Overall I think this is a great product and also find it slightly mysterious in some ways. I have set up a direct debit with monthly payments to continue taking them in the future. I will also keep you updated as time goes on with any other improvements, news etc. Any questions about anything feel free.


Royal Marine Commando, in training to join the covert SBS

Anon, (obvious reasons)

Any questions?

Get in touch 🙂

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