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Spiced or Herby Pumpkin Wedges

Wedges, or as I call them – wedgies – are my favourite snack. I just love potato, but potatoes are pretty stodgy so sweet potato or pumpkin can be used as a lighter alternative. Pumpkin is packed with fibre helping you to feel fuller for longer – without the bloated belly.


Spiced or Herby Pumpkin Wedges

Portion: 1


  • 1/4 small pumpkin
  • 1/2 tsp paprika 
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne 
  • Couple pinches Himalayan salt 
  • Drizzle avocado oil

Alternative: Go for herbed wedges if you’re sensitive to spices. I like rosemary and/or thyme.


  1. Set the oven to 200 degrees C. 


  2. Quarter your pumpkin (be careful here – I place on a non-slip surface and pierce with the tip of the knife, easing into the pumpkin with a rocking motion) and decide how big a snack you want (I use 1/4 per serving). 


  3. Remove the seeds with a spoon (save these to roast).  


  4. Cut into even wedges at about 1/2 inch thick.


  5. Remove any remaining stringy gunk with a small knife and peel the outer skin from the wedges (unless it’s a particularly young pumpkin or variety that has soft skin).


    6. Drizzle a little avocado oil across a baking tray. Sprinkle a pinch of Himalayan salt over with the cayenne and paprika (1/2 tsp each) – or however much you want. You could use herbs instead.

    7. Rub each side of the wedges into the mix and then lay each on the tray. You can sprinkle more herbs or spice over the top if you’d like. 

8. Place in the oven and check them after 20 mins. I usually let them cook for 25-30 mins. 

Storing: Store any leftovers in the fridge and consume within a couple days. They taste nice cold too!

Serving suggestion: You could make a dairy-free sour cream with a little dairy-free plain yoghurt, tahini, salt, pepper, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Start with the yoghurt base and add each element gradually to taste.