The Comfort Zone


Definition: A plateau in which you expend energy to maintain your current position.

Fight, Flight and Freeze are all symptoms of ‘dis-ease’. To regain ease of flow, we will need to identify why these symptoms are present.

Fight = Resistance

Constantly preparing for battles that do not need to be fought. 

Energy: Disjointed

Every time I got a job, the first thing I would do is hatch escape plans – even if I enjoyed the work.

I just felt so strongly that being employed was not how I wanted to spend my life.

“If you don’t set your own agenda, somebody else will.”

So I had to change how I worked.

…Because there’s no point trying to run up a escalator that’s heading downwards. You may as well jump on that one that’s heading in the direction you want to go.

Obvious in theory, yet not always practiced!

When you are in the state of resistance, energy is disjointed; directed towards various building blockages, walls and battle strategy and preparation.

So one way to boost your mojo is to stop battling what you’re against, and instead, channel that energy towards what you want.

In doing so, you maximize Ease of FLOW.

You may discover that you have more energy than you realized.

Flight = Avoidance

Freeze = Procrastination

Waiting for perfect conditions that never arrive. 

Energy: Dispersed

I spent a great deal of time waiting to get good,  ‘trying’ versus just doing. So this is where you make halfhearted attempts, but never truly put yourself out there to potentially fail. Because that would be life un-affirming/embarrassing right.

But you can’t make progress on something that you never start.

When you are in a state of procrastination, energy is dispersed to cover all bases. This leaves you suspended between all possible options – and that’s a lot more options that you could ever comprehend, let alone take action on.

…So you never really make any decisions (in case you make the wrong one).

This leads to stagnation.

Energy is available here too, it’s just currently spread too thin so little impact is seen or felt.

Conditions will never be perfect, so unless you’re at waiting for a weather window to go for a summit attempt, work with what you’ve got now.

Make a decision. You can always make another.